Academic Excellence

WCCS encourages students to reach their learning potential.  Students who are gifted in various academic areas are challenged to develop their expertise in those areas; students who struggle academically are given help and encouraged to hone their skills.

Parents are given report cards four times a year.  Progress reports are given to all jr. high parents at the middle of each grading period.  Parents of younger students receive progress reports if grades are in jeopardy.  All parents are expected to attend November conferences.  This gives teachers and parents an opportunity to exchange information which will benefit the student. We are eager to communicate with parents.

SAT tests are given in April; test scores are usually available by June.

Capable teachers care deeply about their students.  The majority of our teachers have earned their college degrees and have or are working on their state , credentials.

At WCCS we endeavor to provide profitable, interesting curriculum in all subjects


WCCS seeks to develop competency in reading, writing, listening, and communication skills.  In reading there is a foundation in phonics and exposure to a wide variety of good literature to encourage students’ enjoyment of reading.

Writing skills are developed through journal writing, creative writing, and research reports.  Instruction in spelling, punctuation, and grammatical structure support the writing process.

Oral communication skills and listening skills are enhanced as students share their experiences and research with each other.



Students at the elementary level are involved in the Saxon math program.  This program has a strong emphasis on directed teaching and continuous review.

In the first through fourth grade program students develop an understanding of math concepts through the continual use of manipulative materials and daily math meetings.

In fifth and sixth grades students build on the foundation that was laid in the earlier grades.  There is a daily teaching segment, guided practice, and then independent practice papers for homework.

Throughout the grades, students are tested on the newly taught concepts as well as the review materials.  Timed tests at each grade level help students to develop proficiency on number facts.

When students reach seventh grade, they are divided into two groups, pre algebra or basic math, according to their math proficiency.  In eighth grade the pre algebra group moves into algebra while the basic math group moves into pre algebra.



Third – sixth grade use Christian curriculum from Abeka Publishers as their science textbook.

Jr. high uses material from Bob Jones Press and Abeka.

Kindergarten – second graders learn science through hands -on experiences.

All science is taught from a creation-based perspective.

Field trips are used to expand students’ exposure to science.

A former WCCS teacher offers after-school science workshops where students have the opportunity for many hands-on experiences.



Curriculum at WCCS allows students to see how God has worked in the lives of people in different countries throughout the centuries.

Kindergarten – second graders focus on the people who live and work in the surrounding communities.

Third graders focus on biographies of famous people in the United States.

Fourth graders trace the history and the resources of California.

Fifth graders study the history of the United States and the various states that make up our country.

Sixth graders study Mesopotamia, Egypt, Ancient China, Rome, Greece, Mayas, Ancient Israel, Ancient India, Africa, and the Middle Ages.

Seventh graders study world history from the Middle Ages through the present.

Both 6th & 7th grades use textbooks from Bob Jones Press as well as books and audio visual materials which enhance their understanding.

Eighth graders once again focus on the history of the United States with an emphasis on government.  Students take a ten-day trip to important historical sites such as Williamsburg, Monticello, Mt. Vernon, Jamestown, Gettysburg, Washington D.C., and New York City.  To culminate their learning for the year, students produce an in depth notebook including facts they have learned, memorabilia they have gathered, and pictures they have taken.  As a result of their intensive study, many of our students test at the post high school level in social studies on their SAT tests.



Physical education is a high priority at WCCS.  Two full-time teachers are provided to work with the boys and girls from First through Eighth grade.  Fitness is stressed and skills are taught which help students become proficient in sports.



Our computer lab teacher works with students in Kindergarten through eighth grade.  Our computer lab is equipped with 32 Power Macs.  They learn to use the computers for word processing, simple graphics, and some multi-media production.  The internet and other research materials are available to students under the supervision of the computer lab teacher.  The computer lab enhances classroom instruction.  Students have an opportunity to work on their creative writing, research reports, and science projects in the lab.



Eighth grade students are selected to work on special projects in the computer lab.  Some work on our website, help design our yearbook and prepare video productions to be shown in chapel and special events.



Students from kindergarten through sixth grade have music classes twice a week under the direction of our gifted music teacher.  In December and May students put on major musicals.  Jr. high students, who elect to be in jr. high choir, sing, act, and provide choreography for the musicals.


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